Company’s Introduction

Al-Midhwa’a Trading and Const. Is one of the fastest growing company engaged in the business of Trading and Construction. The company came into existence in the year 1993 with its base in Sultanate of Oman.
More than a decade of strong focused approach and the continuous quest to be ahead of the league, has enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in all major lines of business AMT Const. Est. is directly and ultimately engaged in industry of Electrical & Electromechanical works.
In recent years, AMT Cont. Est. acquired projects, which are currently under execution, among other projects, the company is especially proud of its work for the construction of infrastructure works which highlights the credibility of AMT. Over the past year, AMT Cont. Est. has positioned itself to be able to execute projects in Oman. The company is able to leverage human resources trained in the state-of-the art technology in its fields of involvement. coupled with this, the company has invested in heavy equipment and tools that are required in construction and fabrication works. thus, the company is fully prepared to deliver to this clients with professional ease despite technical challenges.
AMT is financially sound group and is capable of Sustaining the cash flow required for major works as demonstrated by the projects on going. In response to the changing market dynamics, the company expanded its operations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a new registration in the name of Jamal Al Midhwa’a General Cont. Est.
The Company vision is to engage in recreation an animate role in the growing construction industry and participate in economic development of the Kingdom.

Mission & Goals

  • Our mission is to earn costumers’ trust & satisfaction by providing with highly technical expertise and in time solutions. It allows us to extend our reach into the market and deliver a greater value to our customers. We can provide a full range of professional services to assist Clients in both the governmental and private sectors towards the development, management and maintenance of their Projects. Jamal Al-Midhwa’a General Cont. Est. has the strength and ability to support its costumers’ entire Project implementation.
  • Our goal is to establish a trademark in Electromechanical sector by focusing on customers’ satisfaction.
  • We are pleased to provide our customers the best results, in time completion and within the budget.
  • We are highly confident with our well-trained and motivated staffs who are keen interested in providing the costumers with the best services ever found in the market.
  • Our expertise varies from the identification of initial requirements through the construction, maintenance & finishing of the projects.